notebook and glassesWelcome to Typo Negative Editing Services.

If you’ve written something that you want others to see, having an editor review your work is a smart investment. Errors distract your readers from your message. My goal is to help you present your written words at their best. No matter what you’ve written—novel, thesis, content for a website, company newsletter—do yourself, and your audience, a favour. Ensure the material you present is free of mistakes.

I have worked with writers of many different genres, and I will tailor my services to fit your needs. The author of a novel will not need the same type of editing as the author of a PhD dissertation. With Typo Negative Editing Services, you’ll get professional editing with a personal touch.

I offer a range of editing services, so no matter where you are in your writing journey I’m positive I can help. From the development stages through the substantive editing and all the way to the final proofreading, I am here to assist you.

As your editor, my goal is to remain in the background, while you and your work stay front and centre. I simply want to help you shine. I have experience with both fiction and nonfiction writing. I’ve also worked with many authors who wish to sound more authentically American or English in their prose. In my past experience as a writing tutor at the University of Washington, I worked extensively with both native and non-native English speakers. As an American currently living in Great Britain, I have personal knowledge of English usage on both sides of the Atlantic.

Contact me today to find out how we can work together.

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